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Pricing Guide

  • $170.5inc. GST

    Regular Job Package

    • 30 day job listing on 11 job boards, including SalonStaff, Indeed and more, (full list here)
    • Job sent to our job seeker database
    • Advanced application management tools
    • Access our database of job seekers
  • +$27.5inc. GST

    Standout upgrade

    • Your job will standout in the search results
  • +$88inc. GST

    Featured upgrade

    • Appear at the top of search results
  • Contactfor pricing

    Managed recruitment

    • Everything from the Regular Job
    • We handle all applications as they come in
    • We conduct phone interview with relevant applicants
    • We then pass over the best for you to pick from

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  • Job Management System
  • Applicant Management System
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We offer multi-job discounts

Do you run a franchise or chain?

Contact us to organise a special franchise account to help manage your branding across all your outlets
Franchises are also given access to special job posting rates.

Pay as you go or pre-pay and save

You have the option to pay for a single job via a secure credit card form when you post it, or you can pre-purchase credit to use at any time with us, including posting a job.

Pre-purchasing credits offers a discount (as seen in the table below) meaning the more you buy, the more you save.

Why buy credit?

The beauty of credits is that you have the control to how much you need or want to spend. It gives you the ability to control recruitment and advertising spending and also allows for lower transaction fees which we can pass onto you.