Employers iPhone app

You've got a salon to run, you've got an iPhone, it just makes sense to send your jobs applications straight to your pocket, right?

The Salon Staff iPhone app lets you view and track your applicants on the go, everything you need to do to manage your applications can be done right form your iPhone.


  • List all your current and past jobs
  • View all the applicants for a job
  • View an applicants details
  • Tap to call or email the applicants
  • Photo of applicant displayed (when available)
  • Tap to view social media accounts (when available)
  • View the resume or cover letter
  • Add notes to the applicant
  • Change the status of the application
  • Pull to refresh the jobs and applicant lists
  • Push notification as soon as someone applies
  • See which applications are unread


Learn more about how Salon Staff works

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